Here's looking at you kid.

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23.Maryland.Queer.Pop punk.Coffee.Sloths.Cats.Butts.Pizza.Professional napper.Vulgar and proud.I look like this.personal shit.

“I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.”

(via deathnoteoflove)

My phone doesn’t know if it wants to unlock or take a picture…it was stuck like this for a good minute.
You can perfectly see the skyline from my cousins porch and I wish I could get a better picture because it’s fucking amazing. 🌌🏢
Someone bring me an iPhone 4 charger :( stuck at my cousins with no charger 😭😭
Acting like he can read. 🙅🙅
Yeah girl 👰🙆 #wedding #weightloss


do you ever just clean your ears and go